Nikolas Savvidis, better known as DJ Nickz is an aspiring 24 year old Dj and artist from Germany ( Hamburg/Munich). With a very musical backround, Nikolas started at the early age of 9 years to show interest in making music. From television performances on RTL in the Mini Playback Show to local Hip Hop battles in Germany, Nikolas always followed his biggest hobby and interest: the Music.

In his younger years he recorded and published underground Mixtapes besides school. Nickz captured Hip Hop industry’s’ internationally top artists interest very quickly on him. Belonging (at the time of 1999)to the biggest Hip Hop acts in Europe, Say-on from the Hip Hop Band 2Ruff (Say-on, Simon Vegas, Giovanni) was so impressed by the young talent, that he became his mentor.

The next years were coined by many live club performances all over Germany. Nickz did not only learn how to do great shows, but also how to be a great MC to capture the masses in the clubs. Nickz started to be interested not only in Mc’ing and texting but also in producing and Dj’ing. The first gigs followed and were a huge success. His ambition also impressed the 2x World DMC Champion Dj David Fascher. Together with him, north Germany got a taste of the new artist Nickz.

In 2006 Nickz won the YAM! Killa-Hip Hop battle contest in Germany. The winner was announced by SONY-BMG and was supposed to feature Gold-selling artist ADDIS (formerly known as Raptile) and Trey Songz (US-platinum Rnb singer) on the Single “Missin your kisses”. Nickz will feature ADDIS on his next European release, who was  US Billboards Top 10 U.S with the Hit-Single D.I.S.C.O feat. Lionezz and Viper (FYI) from Monstablokaz Entertainment.

From Germany to Sweden, Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney and Melbourne, NickZ knows what the crowd wants and always delivers a hot live Dj show. From “Sayon (2ruff) to DJ Dave (DMC World CHampion) to US artist BIG-B who is working with top artists like Lil Wayne; they all share one opinion: “NickZ is one of the most interesting multifaceted artists in these days in Europe”

Besides, Nickz is currently working on his Mixtape Release 2013 “My contribution”.  This Mixtape will feature many worldwide known artists as well as beats from VIBE-productions and KroAle productions who already produced bangers for Lil Wayne, Jay-z and Busta Rhymes.

With 24 years and a finished university degree in business and electrical engineering Nickz is ready to dedicate him to what’s really fulfilling him: the music.

2013, on the come up, let’s do this!

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